Are you planning to visit Western Australia and are looking for affordable accommodation in Newman? Do you enjoy playing pool along with a chilled beer? Are you looking for a budget-friendly yet entertaining stay for yourself? Newman is a town in Western Australia that has a hot desert climate with very hot summers and mild
Are you looking for an adventure? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Newman is a top spot for tourism and adventure in Western Australia. The beautiful scenery, attractions and savoury delicacies are just like the stories you’ve heard before. Whether you’re looking to do some exploring or just relax with the family, we’ve got

Why Choose Red Sands Tavern?

If you’re in Newman, Western Australia and are looking for some relief from the blistering Pilbara heat ,the Red Sands Tavern provides the ideal place to just chill out with a coldie and enjoy some great affordable meals . Customers choose the Red Sand Tavern to escape the heat and step right into a beautifully
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